To support the foundation of Maison Mathieu Froment Savoie

This morning, we presented the proceeds from the 24th Station Breakfast Fundraiser to Gîte Ami. A remarkable amount of $77,000. We extend warm thanks to our sponsors and partners for their contribution. Additionally, here is the list of draw winners:

  • The winner of the $5,000 travel credit provided by Inspiration Voyage and La Station restaurant is Mr. Bernard Branchaud.
  • The bicycle offered by La Bicyclette de Hull was won by Mr. Jacques Beaudry.
  • The Casino package goes to Olivier Desjardins.
  • The Ramada Plaza package goes to Mr. Daniel Feeny.

Congratulations to the other lucky winners: Johanne Labelle, Réal Charest, Guy Savard, Ariane Théberge, Francine Leguerrier, Nicole Simoneau, Christelle Desforges, Paul Morin, Maude Ménard Parent, and Alexandre. Bravo to all the winners!